TEFL Training & Teaching in Costa Rica

By Katelyn Reading

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Hi, my name is Katelyn Reading.

Having the opportunity to live and work in another country is something I have envisioned for myself for a long time. It has always been a dream of mine to explore by traveling to foreign countries and experiencing the true culture this world carries, first hand. I have now taken the steps to make that dream become a reality and begin this adventure through the Global Nomadic TEFL training and Paid teaching program in Costa Rica. I have a bachelors degree in culinary management and have been teaching children about nutrition and how to cook in an extra curricular setting for over a year now. The past year has helped me really recognize my passion for teaching and cultivate my interaction with youth. Through this program I will be able to develop the skills that will allow me to interact and instruct students on a deeper level. I am looking forward to apply all my previous experience, as well as what I learn in this program to teach both children and/or adults about the English language through fun, innovative, hands-on learning. During my training and after I have been place in a teaching position, I plan on getting heavily involved with Animal and Environmental Conservation projects. I also wish to take the Nonprofit Leadership and Management Certification I will be graduating with from ACC in March and start working with various nonprofit organizations in Central America, while still fulfilling my roles to the ones I am associated with in Austin, Texas.

Moving to Central America will allow me to use Spanish, my first language, in ways like never before. I feel that many of my experiences have prepared me for this moment and I am excited to see what this brings into my existence. Stepping into something completely new, different, and unknown is definitely a little scary but overall I am looking forward for the moments to come that will allow me to further understand and connect with myself.

"Life begins when you step outside of your comfort zone" - Neale Donald Walsch

With this opportunity my life will begin a new chapter; carrying with me all the previous pages in my story, and hoping to share them with the rest of those I encounter. I have been so very fortunate to come to know some amazing individuals through out my young life and to be constantly supported and surrounded by those very same people. I want to recognize and honor all my family and friends, for they have made many of my days worthwhile and helped carry me to the next. Because of them, entering this new endeavor will never be lonely and filled with nothing but love.

I have applied for this opportunity and have been accepted! I will be moving to Costa Rica and starting my TEFL training program in August and have committed to teach English after my training for at least a year. I am working very hard through my 3+ jobs to save up the money for the initial training and living expenses for this program. My internal drive, motivation, and independence have been qualities that have always gotten me where I want to go but looking deeply I have never really done it alone! I have recognized that if it wasn't for the support I have had, I wouldn't be where I am today. Although my independent achievement is something I have always been proud of, I am no longer apprehensive to admit that I'd like to receive help because in reality what I am receiving is love. I am looking for assistance with raising money for the total cost of the program so I can afford to participate in Global Nomadic's TEFL training program. My goal is to achieve a level of financial security so I can focus on covering the initial costs of the program and the day-to-day living expenses while I am oversees.

This opportunity is important to me for three very big reasons. The first reason is that as my grandmother, who was also a teacher, passed away in 2011, I whispered a promise in her ear saying I would live my life in a way that would make her proud. I look up to her in so many ways and she always communicated to me how proud she was of me and all that I did. I honestly believe that I have lived up to my promise to her since that day, improving myself through the successes as well as the mistakes, and I strive to continue to do so. I feel that becoming a teacher would be a way that I could share a deeper connection to her and share with the world all she that she gave to me. The second reason is my passion for knowledge, culture, food and people. This is a way I will be able to connect with people and the planet through an unfathomable level of awareness. I am thrilled to be immersing myself within a culture that shares a language I have spoken since I could first formulate words. It will be so exciting to speak Spanish with the natives and learn from them in so many ways. Lastly, this opportunity is important to me because I will be surrounded by a new and beautiful environment. Costa Rica's geographical location contains nearly 6% of the worlds biodiversity and is abundant in it's species and ecosystems. It will be incredible to experience this first hand.

I sincerely appreciate anything anyone is able to donate to this endeavor. I send an abundance of gratitude to you in advance because your assistance is literally making my dreams come true and allows me to help others along the way. Even if you are unable to contribute, I am very grateful for your support and friendship. Please know that I would love to host anyone who would like to come and visit during my time in Costa Rica and I will definitely share all the insider secrets I hope to gain as a resident!

With gratitude,

Katelyn Reading


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