Sustainable Engineering & Renewable Energy Development Internship


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I am an 18-year-old German girl interested in arts and music. I love painting and photography. Even more I do handicrafts - maybe it's an innate talent. I love playing the piano.

As a prospective Physics student I am fascinated by nature and its sciences. I intend to gain an understanding of not only how renewable resources can be harnessed entirely but I also would like to learn what the people in Nicaragua think and how they manage their daily life… Furthermore, I am keen on discovering this region since I find it quite unfair that countries are so differently developed. I would like to gain insight into the reasons of these distinctions. It should be mentioned that I am doing this mission voluntarily on the assumption that I am doing a good deed.

During my last high school year and the time after graduation I worked really hard as a surveyor assistance to raise money for the flights which has unfortunately not been enough. Although my parents support me as well, I wish to be more independent from them when seeing the world. For this purpose I am looking for contacts to the environmentally aware upper classes who might help to make this possible. After finishing this project I am going to study in order to eventually earn money so that I am able to pass on helping new youngsters. Yet now I am in the position of one in need.

I am hoping to achieve the funding for the costs of my organization which promotes and mediates to maintain the project. I am looking for the attention and involvement from important people or businesses concerned about development aid. I too aim for the sensitization of potential sponsors for the environment, my mission and preparation. While I am hoping to make contact with attentive people my organization would also be glad to establish a connection with involved businesses that are concerned about our future.

I am looking to raise $1050 for the project fee for 2 months. This will cover my food, accommodation, airport pickup and full support throughout my placement.

To everyone who donates $150 or more, I will offer them a Photo album of my internship.


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