Surfing 4 Peace Summit: Uniting Gazans and Israelis to Surf Together in Peace

By Surfing 4 Peace

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Co-finance  the participation of 6 young Gazans, Algerians, Afghans, Israelis and Arab Israelis to surf together in our next gathering.

The project in brief;

  • For the 1st time, Surfing 4 Peace made it possible for Israeli and Gazan surfers to meet and surf together in peace.
  • The event will bring together a group of 15 surfers from Afghanistan, Algeria, France, Israel, Italy, Morocco and Palestine (Gaza) for a cultural and sports exchange in France.
  • The event will last 8 days in Seignosse, France, during the 'Quiksilver Pro France' event (stop #9 on the World Championship Tour).
  • The schedule will include school interventions, screening documentaries, friendly competition, artistic workshops.

Overcoming cultural and political barriers.

Surfing 4 Peace organizes its next event on the 10th - 18th October 2015 in Seignosse, France, bringing together 15 surfers from 7 countries from Europe and Middle East, including israelis and gazans.

This initiative aims to bridge cultural and political barriers between people in the Mediterranean region and their diasporas.

The week long program will consist of;

  • Conference and debate in Seignosse in conjunction with 'We Surf In Iran', 'Surfistan' and 'Surfeurs Solidaires'.
  • Surfing together, discovering the waves of the region with professional guidance for the less experienced.
  • Friendly competition between pro and amateur surfers.
  • 'Paddle-out' ceremony.
  • Artistic & sports workshops.
  • Conferences and testimonies in local schools and high-schools.


In the short term; to show that with a common passion, people from very different cultures and backgrounds are able to exchange, share and create friendships.

In the mid-term: to develop a network of sport clubs and associations, giving the opportunity for more and more young people to meet, exchange, travel and cooperate together.

In the long term: To create a regional conscious, in the Mediterranean and beyond, of an open and more tolerant youth, who will eventually vote for peaceful political leaders.

Why do we need your help?

This project will be co-funded between the participants, partners and you.

30% of the project by this Crowdfunding campaign,
30% by the participants themselves,
40% by Surfing for Peace and its partners.

What the collected money will be for?

The revenues of this campaign will cover the expenses for the six participants (out of 15) with the lowest income: accommodation, food, board rental and local transportation throughout the week - € 80 per person per day. This totals € 80 per person: 6 people during 9 days (from the 10th until the 18th starting from Paris) = € 4320.

We will add to this amount €400 for the activities of the six young people during the event (introduction to surfing, and skateboarding construction workshop) also €300 for counterparts and shipping. So therefore we will need to raise a total of € 5,020  EUR / $5640 USD - reduced to $3079 as we had finding from other sources arrive in time.

Who we are?

Surfing 4 Peace was born when a group of Israeli surfers, along with the Californian surf legend Dorian 'Doc' Paskowitz and his sons, took a couple of surfboards to the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2007. Soon the young Gaza's surfers community asked them how to learn more about surfing, anticipate the arrival of swells, repair a surfboard, etc. The exchanges got more and more frequent and intense via social network. Young people in Gaza aspire to meet their friends on the other side of the border, beyond the conflict and hard political context.

A European section of Surfing 4 Peace in Europe was created in 2012 to create a space for these young people to gather together, something that would have been impossible in their own countries. Based in Paris, the non for profit started an exchange program, organizing an initial trip including both Israelis and Palestinians. A second trip to Brazil was organized on April 2015 and we are now putting together our 3rd trip to France. Each trip lasts one week, and consists of living together, discovering the waves and sharing with local and international people.

Surfing 4 Peace activities and initiatives are managed by Arthur Rashkovan in the Middle East and Samuel Jacquesson in Europe; with administrative support provided by Explore Corps.


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