Print Journalism Internship in Mongolia

By Nirvana Yarger

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Hello there! My name is Nirvana and I am 19 years old. Earlier this year I was accepted for a volunteer newspaper internship for the UB Post, the English language newspaper of Mongolia. I’ll be travelling to Ulaanbataar, the capital of Mongolia, on the 1st of April and returning home on the 2nd of May.

During my internship I will be able to prepare and edit articles for the newspaper, and even have the opportunity to pitch my own ideas for content and gain real journalistic experience by shadowing other reporters. As someone who has been interested for a long time in writing and journalism, this is such an incredible opportunity, especially in such an amazing country as Mongolia.

However, as this is a volunteer internship, I will not be paid for my work at the UB Post and organising a month-long trip halfway across the world is not a cheap undertaking. Luckily I will not have to pay for my accommodation and will also be given breakfasts and dinners, but the rest of my expenses – flights, visas, vaccinations, some sightseeing and any other money I will need to sustain myself over the course of the month – I have to gather myself. Luckily, as I am currently working and will be until the end of February 2017, I am confident that will be able to cover the majority of these costs myself. However, I have decided to set up this page to bring an interactive element to my trip.

As some of you know, I am passionate about documenting travel through writing, photography and video. With a bit of help, I’m sure I’ll be able not only to make the most of my time in this country that I would probably never have considered going to before, but post regularly all about my time there on both my blog and YouTube channel. To manage this, I’ll be offering a few small rewards!

As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I have decided to print postcards with the pictures I take in Mongolia and send these to people who help me out. I also write poetry, and have decided to start offering what I have dubbed ‘name poems’; these will be short poems between 6 and 8 lines long (costing $1 per line) inspired by a person’s name. In order to buy one of these, you would have to email me with the name you’d like to me write about, plus any ideas or images you would like expressed in the poem, and I will be able to write that for you.

I am unbelievably excited about this trip and can’t wait to hopefully share what I get up to there with all of you! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, and thank you all so much in advance for your support.

- Nirvana


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