NGO Management Internship

By Alice Hamer

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EcoSwell is a proactive environmental NGO based in the coastal region of Talara, Peru, and considering it's young age, has already established itself as an influential and vital part of the local community yet it often finds itself thinly stretched.

Being a surfing hotspot, the Talara region has been severely affected by mass tourism particularly over the past 15 years, which has caused a cascade of destructive environmental and social impacts. EcoSwell takes a 'shared value' approach when solving problems, where public, private, academic and other NGO sectors collaborate to devise solutions ensuring relevance and sustainability of all projects which are undertaken. Their current focus is to ensure the prosperity and wellbeing of the local communities which depend on natural rainforest, coastline and fisheries for their livelihoods whilst promoting the recovery of the surrounding natural ecosystems.

This placement will not only allow me to facilitate these local communities in making these positive changes when they need it most but will also help me to better understand role of environmental NGOs in stimulating environmental change on a range of scales. This, I hope, would aid me in pursuing a career in NGO management so that I can continue to support such organisations which are so influential in the conservation of our natural world and those who depend on it.


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