Film and Photography Internship in Buenos Aires

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My name is Elaine Casap and I’m a videographer that specializes in making creative content for digital advertising. I love the process of searching for a story and telling it from a unique perspective. I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Film and Media Production. Through college I free-lanced for a variety of companies, including: Kripsy Kreme, Shea Homes, ASU and Workhorse Products. My senior year I landed an awesome internship with CNN in Strategic Integrated Marketing. In my time there I gained an abundance of experience and even watched some of my material broadcast nationally.

After graduation I traveled to Brazil and realized my love for South America and traveling.  During my trip I decided that experiencing Argentina was my next goal. I was back in the US for only a few days when I discovered this internship, and immediately knew this was the perfect opportunity for me.

I'm looking to raise $750.00 so I can afford to participate in Global Nomadic's Film and Photography Internship. I would work with a local NGO in Buenos Aires to create material that can be used to attract more volunteers.

My goal is to achieve enough money so I can focus on covering the costs of day-to-day living, because the internship is unpaid.

This internship is important to me for two very big reasons. The first reason being that I'm Argentine and I’ve always wanted to experience Argentina. In 1968 my grandmother immigrated to the United States from Argentina to escape the political turmoil occurring in the country. This story moves me so much that last year I created a documentary about First Generation Americans, using my grandmother and father as one of the main plots. The second reason is my passion for digital storytelling, and my desire to volunteer abroad utilizing my skill set. There are very few opportunities to travel abroad and film for a good cause.

To anybody that donates over $50 I will let him or her choose a photo from my trip, and give them a professionally edited digital copy.


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