Economic Development in Trujillo, Peru

By Brandon Carter

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What I will be doing

This program is for an internship in Trujillo, Peru where I will be working on economic development with local families through creating and managing development portfolios and working with micro credit companies. I will also be making house visits and helping in weekly sessions at the Children's Education Program.

Where your money goes

The amount I am requesting is for the total of project fees, placement fees and emergency support. This will include housing and meals provided by the program.

I plan to be gone for about two months in the summer. For the first month the program charges applicants $1,015 and for every additional month it is another $500.

My reason for going

I am doing this project because I have a strong passion for community development. During my undergraduate career I studied International Political Economy and its effects on low income areas in the developing world. I would like to apply my knowledge as well as serve a community in need. If I am able to go I would start by doing a thorough research on Peru and on Trujillo before going. Next, after I arrive I would take time to talk with the locals and read reports from previous interns on current developmental projects to gauge what type of project the people will value the most. I will then begin implementing my the project I will be working on for the duration of my stay. Since I will only be in Peru for two months, my project will be taken over by a new volunteer when I leave. Since I am studying law as well as business, I am hoping to do a developmental project that helps local business owners and makes people aware of their legal rights.

My skills in Spanish are intermediate, but I hope this internship will bolster my skills because this internship will center around communication with the community. Many developers make the mistake of making unilateral decisions without much say from the community, and that is something I will not do. By working with the locals of Trujillo I also hope to learn about development from a new perspective and eventually apply what I've learned in the United States. Cities like Gary, Indiana and Detroit are places where I would like to help.

I also blog about current issues happening in the world. Topics cover things such as politics and development. The essence of my blog is to cover the lesser known news. If I am able to go to Trujillo, I also hope to write about them as well as bring to light issues in the region.

Further information on the internship can be found through the following link.

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Anything that you're willing to contribute would be greatly appreciated!


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