Amina’s Medical Internship -Nepal

By Mina

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As many of my friends already know, visiting this page to donate, I am a trained medic in the US and I want to invest in my skills to better serve mother earth. Joining a medical staff in Nepal and helping where I am needed is something I am highly passionate about. For that reason I chose a volunteer internship over a paid internship. Unfortunately I cannot afford it on my own and hope my friends and family will be able to help a bit.

I am aiming at working the full allowed period of six months, I will need 250 British pounds per week.

I promise to do my full duty as per the contract I signed when I became a medic. Moreover, I shall keep Global Nomadic updated with reports once per month and I will try to take videos and pictures and send it to whoever would like to stay updated with my trip after donating.

I am very grateful to all the donations.


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