Help Me Help Sea Cows

I have the privilege to go to Belize and help out rehabilitation efforts for the glorious manatee!

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NGO Management Internship

I am raising funds to participate in a conservation internship in South America where I will be working with the NGO, EcoSwell, to help local communities establish prosperous and sustainable livlihoods in an area which has been affected by mass tourism

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Help Me Help the Sloths!

I am going to travel to Costa Rica for the Sloth Reintroduction program and help with my funds.

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Wildlife Research Internship in Honduras

I'm looking to raise $3920.00 so I can afford to the the Wildlife Research Internship in Honduras. I would go to Honduras, more precisely to the island of Utila, which has received very little attention from the academic world, and is rife with under-studied flora and fauna, as well as suspected new species waiting to be discovered and researched. This internship would be a great addition to my CV and thus helping to get a PhD in ecology.

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  • Ended On 04/15/2016

Bringing Renewable Energy To Communities In Nicaragua

I’m raising money to work as an intern for 3 months to help the community of Sabana Grande in Nicaragua adopt renewable and sustainable energy, so they can break free from their dependence on Western countries for energy, make crippling power cuts a thing of the past and better support their families.

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